Clay Multi-Cleanser 50 ml


Mild cleansing and cleansing mask in one.

Multifunctional cleansing clay and mask with 95% natural ingredients

Mild cleansing & purifying mask in one with prebiotics & probiotics and kaolin. Cleanses thoroughly and at the same time very gently, without upsetting the microbiome or drying out the skin. Also removes water-soluble eye and lip make-up. Used as mask, the skin is cleansed deep into the pores and also freed of excess sebum.

For a clear, radiant and refined skin.

A highly concentrated complex of prebiotics and probiotics strengthens the natural barrier of the skin and a sustainably extracted bark extract improves the skin's natural defenses.

Kaolin soothes, binds excess sebum and mattifies.

For daily cleansing:
Apply thoroughly over face, neck and décolleté while dry. Moisten the fingertips with cool water and emulsify the cleansing product. Finally, rinse off with plenty of water

As a cleansing mask:
Apply the mask in an even and thin layer to cleansed skin 2-3 times a week. After approx. 10 minutes of drying, rinse off with plenty of warm water.